Skincare is like balancing on a rope

Our skin looks the most beautiful when it is in an acid-alkaline balance. I know that it sounds very general, but it’s really the basis of a skincare and of a healthy and beautiful look. Unfortunately, we often forget about it. The result? We struggle with various skin problems, despite of using “so called” cosmetic wonders.

Our skin (to be precise, the surface of the epidermis) should be slightly acidified to ph level at about 5.5 (this is an approximate value, some studies show that ph should be even lower at the level of 4,7).

This is our primary goal, which we should strive for, because our body then grows a decent hydrolipid coat, which protects us against microorganisms, atmospheric and other harmful factors such as allergens or free radicals. This means that it is simply the most effective environment to cultivate the protective layer of the skin. The best is a slightly acidic pH 5.5. For comparison: neutral pH is 7 and it is a ph level water.

If you have dry skin, your skin is in an alkaline state. The skin can be wrinkle more easily then. Your task is to acidify your skin so that it goes down to level 5.5. Therefore, we avoid all cosmetic preparations with alkaline ph (soaps ph>7, tap water =7), but choose those that have ph less than or equal to 5.5 (read the labels!).

If you have oily skin, it’s ph is too low – too acidic. This environment is conductive to the development of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms such as fungi.  Also, you must strive for balance but this time by using preparations with a higher ph. Unlike dry skin, water and cleaning products are good for you. But remember: balance first. Do not overexagerate.

That’s why, if the skin’s back to balance, we take care mostly of good moisturizing and use preparations with ph around 5.5. Such conscious care I imagine as walking on a rope… You have to watch your balance all the time.


Traktujmy ph naszej cery jako podkład do hodowli płaszcza hydrolipidowego – ubrania  ochronnego dla naszej skóry. Dzięki właściwemu ph wyrośnie on na silny i zdrowy, nasza cera zacznie prawidłowo funkcjonować, co od razu przełoży się na jej wspaniały wygląd.

To podstawa właściwej pielęgnacji kosmetycznej.





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