Why wrinkles appear mostly when you sleep?

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who love to sleep on the side. I’ve been trying to fight it for years. In half the cases I am lying on my back sleeplessly and counting sheep. Then I turn backwards and immediately fall asleep…. Even though my fight against this addiction has been going on for a long time, I am not making any progress. However, I believe that one day I will get used to it completely. Maybe with the help of further anti-age inventions I’ll be successful?

You’re probably wondering why it became that important to me? Because effects of sleeping on the side and belly are really bad for the skin in the face area. When I was working as a beauty therapist I saw such changes of clients’ skin almost everyday. Seeing the asymmetry I immediately knew which side they usually slept on. What was their surprise when I was able to guess it correctly!

People with acne, sleeping on their side or belly, rub their face against the pillow, which causes bacteria pass into the material. That usually inflames the infection. Even the best Korean 12-stage ritual cleansing ritual won’t help, if bacteria will wander back from the pillow to the face during the sleep. Do you want a proof fo that? Very often I observe unilateral intensification of skin lesions on faces of people who tend to sleep on this exact side.

So what to do to avoid such situations? My advice is:

  1. Replace the cushion cover daily and wash at 90°C (only for young acne skin).
  2. Put on a special headband:

3. Sleep on your back on a specially shaped pillow:


People who have wrinkles (or want to prevent wrinkles) should also avoid sleeping in another position than back. The skin is then hypoxic and unnaturally stretched, resulting in limpness and rapid formation of deep wrinkles. These changes are pointless because they can be easily avoided. Especially that in case of sleeping on one side there is one more problem – face asymmetry. And it just can’t look good.

And here are the results of the experiment on transparent pillows:
Wrinkles on the face are not only on the list of damages caused by an inappropriate sleep position. Another surprise is a deep vertical wrinkle on the neckline, which threatens women with large breasts. Girls, it is enough not to sleep on the side or put on a bra to sleep like in the picture:

Did you know that geisha slept stiffly with a stool under their necks so as not to spoil their intricate hairstyles and cause wrinkles? This stool doesn’t look comfortable. It looks like below and is called Takamakura.

Nowadays hardly anyone is so dedicated to beauty as to sleep on such an uncomfortable stool (we have got alternatives). But remember, it is enough if you lay down in such a way that you do not crush the skin of your face. There are many ingenious products on the market that solve this problem and I think are worth using.

To sum up:
sleeping should take up 1/3 of our lives. It is so essential for health and beauty – but only in the right position!

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