A few words on the Icelandic lichen

Icelandic lichen (in lat. Centraria islandica) is well known for its use in soothing irritated throat tablets. This plant is a species of fungus which, due to its coexistence with algae, belongs to the group of lichens. Its healing properties were discovered at the end of the 17th century and it has already been heavily depleted and nowadays it occurs very rarely. Therefore, in many countries (and in Poland) it is a legally protected species. The reason for this is its healing effectiveness and, consequently, its popularity. It’s the popularity that is killling it 😉

Icelandic lichen is a soothing and protective agent against irritating cough, chronic diarrhoea and gastritis. In addition, it has properties that improve digestion and stimulate appetite. It inhibits the development of microorganisms, even those resistant to antibiotics. Cetrariic acid isolated from it is used to produce drugs against maritime and motor diseases (it prevents vomiting) and usninic acid is used to treat skin diseases, even in hospitals, to speed up the healing of difficult wounds.

According to the INCI classification, you can find it in cosmetics under different names: CETRARIA ISLANDICA EXTRACT, EXTRACT OF CETRARIA ISLANDICA, LICHEN ISLANDICUS EXTRACT.

It is also considered to be a very valuable cosmetic material. It has detoxifying, cleansing, moisturizing, shielding, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-psoriatic and anti-acne properties. Regularly applied, it inhibits excessive sebum secretion. It can also be used to treat damaged hair.

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