Ikigai – is it really just 5 steps to happiness?

Ikigai is simply a lifestyle. A Japanese philosophy which, accordingly to Japanese scientists studies, causes a positive attitude to life. And although Ikigai itself does not determine the success, it certainly promotes an active and a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that people living according to the rules of Ikigai feel happier, more fulfilled and are less exposed to diseases and even death.

Sounds tempting, but still mysterious? Let me explain some more.

The first rule of Ikigai says that it is worth starting with small steps.  As it is do difficult to act with big things at once, one should start with small ones or even the smallest ones. Big ones require a lot of effort, so it is easier to start with baby steps and speed up some more later. Maybe this is the only method of climbing our own “mountain”.

The second principle of Ikigai recommends discovering youself. We often get lost somewhere in the middle between work and home. Overwhelmed with everyday duties, we forget about our own needs. And the point is not to loose, but to find and nurture them. Find some time for yourself. Allow yourself a little bit of healthy selfishness. Focus on the realization of your desires. Compliment yourself. You have every right to do so.

The third principle of Ikigai brings us a little bit to earth. For there to be harmony and continuance, we need monotony and permanence. Life consists of established paths, customs and rituals. It is worth accepting it and even surrendering to it. But it requires discipline. That is why it is worth to sweeten your duties with little pleasures. Such prizes as a protein bar after a hard training will make us more willing to persevere in the duties that make up our everyday life.

And this is what the fourth principle of Ikigai talks about. Let’s have a little fun. And it’s not just about rewards in the material sense, it’s about giving yourself pleasant experiences. It can be a delicious meal, a relaxing bath, a massage, a physical contact with another person or just a walk in the forest with a dog. But let’s not lock ourselves in the four walls, let’s go outside, to other people. The point is to feel as an integral part of the world around us.

The fifth and final rule of Ikigai is that “here and now” is the only dimension that really counts. The past is gone, the future hasn’t happened yet and what’s more, it may never come. We have no influence on either one of them. We lose the beauty of the present by immersing ourselves in the memory of the past. By devoting time to the promises of tomorrow, we will not notice how many opportunities for happiness surround us here and now.

Why am I writing about Ikigai when my blog is cosmetic? Because I am fascinated by this idea for life. I know how easy it is to succumb to the temptations of remembering the past and waiting for a better tomorrow. The wisdom of living in the present often comes with age, sometimes with traumas or life threatening situations. Ikigai is really a good and simple philosophy of doing everything, including taking care of one’s health and beauty.

Principle 1 (baby steps):

  1. you don’t have to carry out a 12-stage Korean cleansing ritual at once, but remember to always clean and nourish or moisturize the skin before go to bed
  2. you don’t need to drink 3 litres of water a day, but remember to drink water as much as you can
  3. you don’t have to buy a face moisturing machine right away, but remember to regularly moisturize your skin with a serum or mist
  4. you don’t have to do a face lifting surgery, but you can get mesotherapy first

Principle 2 (healthy selfishness):

  1. you have the right to take care of yourself
  2. you have the right to go to the beautician
  3. you have the right to use aesthetic medicine if you need it
  4. go for a relaxing massage sometime
  5. get your fingernails or your eyelashes done

3 rule (daily duties):

  1. take care of your face and body every day
  2. take care of your hair every day
  3. take care of your figure every day
  4. take care of your health every day

4th rule (prizes):

  1. buy yourself a beautifully fragrant mask
  2. light yourself a scented candle or one of these sparkling bath balls
  3. let yourself really hear some compliments about you
  4. enjoy a professional facial massage
  5. make an appointment for a beautician or hairdresser’s treatment

5th rule (you are here and now):

  1. look in the mirror, you are beautiful
  2. get some more sleep
  3. rest
  4. look at the sky as the rays of sunshine dance between the clouds!
  5. smile!
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