Water will make you live long and healthy!

I noticed something strange on my flight to China. Europeans were drinking coffee, tea, juice or wine and the Chinese drank only some mysterious drink from their own thermos. I noticed that a stewardess was walking with the kettle, pouring them something. She was running with this kettle for all the time. And this just had to arouse my curiosity. I asked her what it was and if I could have such a drink. Honestly? I thought it would be some kind of tea. It turned out, however, that it was hot water! A mysterious Chinese drink is simply a hot water!

Chinese medicine treats correct digestion as the basis for a long and healthy life. Therefore, it recommends drinking hot water (about 70 degrees) to cleanse the stomach and intestines, dissolve mucus and fat deposits, excrete toxins from the digestive system. Warm water should be drunk especially after a meal and in case of any stomach problems, definitely before we decide to choose any pharmacological solutions.

Warm water is the only drink that can be drunk anytime, anywhere, as much as you want. In cold and in hot weather. It’s hydrates well, it doesn’t irrigate and doesn’t cool down the body like the cold one.

I sometimes can’t drink more than a sip of water. I know I should, I know I have to, but I really can’t drink it. However, this repulsion only affects cold water and appears occasionally, especially in autumn and wintertime. Probably, the body protects itself against cooling down and lets me know to choose the warm water. In our culture, however, tea is more popular kind of a drink in such situation.

To make the water healthy, boil it well for at least 10 minutes in a glass or enamelled dish, then pour it into a thermos and drink it all day long.

This will improve the work of your digestive system andresult in a better mood, more beautiful complexion and even weight loss.