A week to go to Iceland!

I have already started the final countdown because it’s only a week left to go to Iceland! I’ve been waiting for this journey for so long! I get more and more excited every day. On the one hand, because this trip will be on my own and I will be so completely independent. On the other hand, my dream is to meet the polar lights. And in Iceland in October…. I would have had terrible bad luck not to see it.

My plan is to explore Reykjavik well, where I have my base in a form of a space capsule, in which I will spend every night (Galaxy Pod Hostel). Every evening I will hunt on the aurora, sailing a ship or driving a car out of the reach of city lights (Auroraforecast). I will also go to the Golden Circle and of course to the wonderful Blue Lagoon, where I will have my underwater massage at the sunset. However, I will also try to bathe in some wild geothermal pool, checking the temperature of the water first, so as not to boil. I also have planned to visit an amazing “cosmetic” greenhouse. I also hope quietly fore a few others, spontaneous attractions on the spot. Maybe I’ll decide to see the glacier or the black beach? We will see.