COVID-19: the end of an era. Make sure to take good care of yourselves!

Who would have thought that in modern times we would have to deal with a killer virus! Not that long ago, it would seem that we could put such stories on the bookshelf between “The Plague” and “Love in the time of Cholera” and feel safe. And here comes the surprise!

Not only is the virus spreading around the world right now, but it also ruins the real part of our social lives.

I’m not gonna be another wisehead advising how to stop an epidemic. I’m not a specialist and the situation is far too serious. Serious enough to force me to share my thoughts and emotions about it with you now.

The most important task for us is to break the chain of infections. To trap the bug, to stop and kill it. Therefore, it is very important to follow not only the recommendation, but even the moral imperative, that says #stayathome. So if you don’t have to leave home, because you are fighting on the front line, STAY AT HOME PLEASE!

This virus travels fast and prevents others from traveling, including the cosmetic one. So I had to cancel my two upcoming beauty journeys: to Netherlands and to France and the practical part of my blog has been suspended. I am trully very sorry to announce that.

But for the first time, we got the chance to become heros and SAVE HUMANKIND without doing anything else except:

  • working remotely from a madhouse with bored children on our heads,
  • playing different board games, checkers, chess, backgammon, scrabbles and whatever you got there,
  • becoming a computer gamer,
  • watching youtube, social media, movies, series, documentaries (I don’t recommend watching news as it increases the fear and may lead to regular panic attacks),
  • cooking all those fancy dishes from all of forgotten cookbooks, blogs, vlogs, tutorials that you haven’t even looked into before,
  • laying out piles of canned goods in the shape of famous buildings,
  • reading books, the heap of which has grown, because somehow there wasn’t enough time to read them before,
  • washing the floor with squats and washing the windows with jumps as part of our daily exercises,
  • making origami, preferably from the toilet paper, because no one dared to forget to buy a proper stock of this treasure,

Let’s do it! No matter how hard you feel about hitting your head against the wall after a few first days of the quarantine to end your suffering, just stand it up as befits the true hero. Soon it will be over and then, hopefully, we will go out and pass each other again with smiles on our faces, not run across the street every time we see another human being. Because this is what is happening right now. Personal safety zones have extended from one meter to at least two and preferably four meters and we run away from each other!

That’s good. Because what is our most important task right now? Break the chain of infections!

I used to underestimate the power of memes. Until now. From now on, I admit that I have become their fan. Memes allow us to relieve the tension, they ruthlessly comment on the reality. Reaching shortly and precisely the point. And they’re digital, so they’re not gonna transfer that virus.

Many of them concern the appearance of women after the quarantine. We’re supposed to be hairy, neglected, fat with bitten nails and undyed roots. The whole truth will come out, even our own men will find it difficult to recognize us. As memes say.

It’s a bit chauvinistic and a bit cruel, but maybe there’s also a bit of truth in it. This truth is that the coronavirus has paralyzed the cosmetic services industry. I don’t know if we, us beauty experts, will get up after this quickly. Keep your fingers crossed for us please!