Jeju is an island. Called a South Korea’s Hawaii, Jeju Island is one of the seven wonders of nature. It is  both the largest island in South Korea and the smallest province of this country. […]

Skincare is like balancing on a rope

Our skin looks the most beautiful when it is in an acid-alkaline balance. I know that it sounds very general, but it’s really the basis of a skincare and of a healthy and beautiful look. Unfortunately, we often forget about it. The result? We struggle with various skin problems, despite using of various cosmetic wonders.

How to take care of the skin in cold? Let’s learn from most experienced specialists.

There are disputes about whether moisturizing creams freeze on the skin in winter or not. Let me tell you this: it depends on their composition and the moment of application. For example, hyaluronic acid and glycerine have a much lower freezing point, so they are safe even though they are moisturizers. However, if we apply a moisturizing waterbased cosmetic long before leaving home (minimum 30 minutes), the water contained in it will evaporate in this time and our skin also will be safe.